The Greenwood Guide to New Zealand

East Coast

  • Circumnavigate the East Cape on SH35, a route virtually untouched by tourism. The rugged landscape is an astounding combination of coastal beauty, pohutukawa trees and dense inland forest. Potter from one isolated bay to the next, chill out on remote beaches and observe the strong Maori influence in this region before bagging a photo of the East Cape Lighthouse and Tolga Bay Wharf (the longest pier in NZ). Don't forget your surfboard.
  • Lose yourself in Te Urewera National Park tramping its Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk (ensuring that you find yourself again, of course).
  • Dwarf yourself in the lea of the Raukumara Ranges and experience the truly wild east by foot, mountain-bike or kayak. Keep an eye out for the rare blue duck and expect many a frog sighting.
  • Drag yourself out of bed in time to catch the sunrise over Gisborne (it's the first city to see the world to see the dawn of each new day); then, if you manage to avoid crawling back into bed, grab yourself a strong coffee to keep you going.
  • Unwind in Morere hot springs.
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