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Arts & crafts

Just across the road from the hotspot (literally) of Hot Water Beach is this equally hot little artspace. Pacific- and New Zealand-style sculptures and wall-art lurk in the garden and in open-plan rooms, and the jewellery and designware in the shop is some of the best I've seen. Definitely the setting in which to while away time waiting for the tide to turn.

  • Prices: Simon and Sonya can we have some basic prices please? - Charlotte
  • Contact: 24 Pye Place, Hot Water Beach, RD1 Whitianga
  • Tel: 07-866-3367
  • Fax: 07-866-3367
  • Email:
  • Web:
  • Updated: 31/01/2008

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Homegrown Festival

Coromandel Pensinsula


All around the Coromandel, all through May, is the Homegrown Festival. It celebrates 'Coro' food, Kiwi music and local art, so whatever your niche there will be something to delight you. Events are as disparate as a 'Catch a Cray' day at The Alderman Islands, one-act plays performed in Coromandel Town, and skateboarding in Thames. The website lists the year’s events and schedules so you can tailor-make your festival experience to suit your own particular quirks of interest.

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Coromandel Highlights

  • Get out the binos at watch the temporarily resident birdlife at the Firth of Thames near Miranda. Thousands of birds, especially the ones from Siberia and the Arctic, have flown as far as you have, but with slightly more effort, to reach these shores for some winter sun to breed.
  • Follow the crimson trail made by summer's blooming pohutukawas, the NZ 'Christmas tree', as you drive north up the coast from Thames. Cross over the peninsula's forest-clad mountain spine and come down the east coast's rugged coastal route.
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